img_0305It was a Friday afternoon when the sun was at its peak when I decided to do make up and take selfies as a reward to myself & post it for others to see and appreciate. You can’t blame me, I’m sure you do it too! Difference is the photo shoot is in my room, my living space. If it looks professional, thanks it’s the 1000 pictures taken before you could get to the one all before editing begins. A selfie stick too came in handy. Thank God for selfie sticks. Brilliant minds!


I’m not a free as a bird as you might have already started to think, but during my free time, I can make all this good happen. To start off with the make-up,



I started off with the shade Santa Fe Sun eye shadow from Mary Kay, on my brow bone right after the concealer, this shade is lighter and I chose it as my first transitioning shade before I went on to use the Jordana brow and eye shadow powder in the shade Auburn no. 6 in my crease, together with the urban decay naked 2 pallet blending brush. I put little of this in my brush and move it back and fro smoothly on my crease. This shade is darker and was also a bit more neutral & nude-ish. This almost made it a smoky eye, but a tad less concentrated.


I then went on to blend it all out together first before adding the main color which is Trick from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet. This color is intriguingly almost rose-gold and pink. using the shadow brush from Naked 3 pallet, I applied it by dabbing. This prevents the excess from falling to the already done areas of the face such as under the eyes and cheeks, the constant victims of excess eye shadow powder. I would recommend the above products due to their consistency and pigmentation. I will link the stores where you can get them below.


I will neither lie no sooth you to the comfort that eyebrows are an easy handle. They can be batch of burned cookies or otherwise. But on this day, it was a batch from heaven. I lined them after a nice shave and shaping experience with a friend / by a friend. The eye liner I used is the L.A colors eye brow pencil. I have had it for a while now, and I can surely recommend this too!

I had no helping tool just my hands of art!

I then blended the colors together with the crease brush. After that I went on to add a bit of a think line of eyeliner. I used the kleancolor eye liner. I can’t recommend this to anyone with an oily face. Reason being that it literally drips off. I have used for a while but it has been quite a hustle.



This was almost basic. I put the foundation that I’m currently using and loving, which is the Black Opal Foundation in the shade Beautiful Bronze, together with concealer from the same brand and same shade. Fantastic, not so full coverage but good and last products. No reaction to my face yet or at all. Back to lips… After the foundation I lined my lips with L.A Girl Lip Liner in the shade PECAN. Pecan is more like a nude orange color. Beautiful shade but a bit brighter than my lips but a good shade none the less. I then went on to apply the inner parts of my lips with the M.A.C Ruby lipstick. This shade is from a while ago, 2012 maybe… or even earlier. I did this shade because I love the colorful yet a bit dark but good shade of color. It came out almost as a disappearing red. I then blended this two shades together.



For my normal routine of moisturizing and taking good care of my skin before doing my make is always my favorite part of the routine. The Foundation used as mentioned above is the Black Opal in the shade Beautiful Bronze, same as the concealer. Bronzer used is the Bob professional Artist Bronzer. Highlight Dual Color Bronzer. I wouldn’t say it’s my best, but it does get the job done.


This is crotchet. The braid brand is Sister Sister, the name of the braids are mambo braids. They are quite easy to do and less time consuming. They are effective and less costly to have them done. Kenyatta Market here in Kenya is the best way to go. Easy to maintain if not a bulk or long as mine. They are durable and fresh air roams around. Helps your hair grow faster and no fall out. Styling is easy if short but I find long ones have more ways of styling thus preferred. You can get them from Best lady or super cosmetics (town).


Thank you for reading through, I’m glad you enjoyed and hopefully picked up a thing or two for yourself or family and friends. As from where I by my products from here in Kenya, main in Super cosmetics Stores, in town. Hope you can make your way there. Otherwise here’s a link to their website.


Thank you and I will see you again for my next post!


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