The Blogger Recognition Award!

Hello there, 

First off I would like to thank Kit Cat Tried That. She nominated me for the Recognition Award and I’m grateful. So thank you Kit Cat. Thus here’s a link to her blog, she is interesting and has beautiful content on her blog, please check it out, if it’s your jam, SUBSCRIBE!!! You’ll love every post!!!

About my blog…

I started my blog a while back in 2016, but I was so scared of the mean comments and the backlash I put it to rest. Until 12th January 2017 when I decided, if it goes south, my work ethic will bring it back north. *PositiveVibesOnly!

Two Advices for Bloggers..

Be yourself, stick to your craft, be proud of yourself and a pat in the back once in a while will never seize to motivate you. Haters make us famous… but Selena Gomez put it better “Kill them with Kindness..” I will add love!

15 Bloggers for the Recognition Award…

Unfortunately I only have these that I have viewed and found interests. Will keep updating!! Check them out!

  1. Emily Clare Beauty – Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle
  2. 5 Free Ways to Clearer Skin – The Bellezza Corner

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