Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

Feels good to be hopefully even though you don’t want to admit to yourself or even your friends. But I’m sure secretly you admit it to yourself… once in a while maybe???🤔

And yes I am hopeful and so should y’all! I must agree that being hopeful keeps my faith alive and kicking. Sometimes its difficult when negative vibes surround you, but you gotta be hopeful, you never know. 

Being hopeful keeps me motivated and having faith gives me assurance of all things hoped for being a reality in good time.  Yes I’m proudly Christian, and life with Christ is beautiful. It also enables me to press on and don’t take no for answer until you official told no. It encourages me even though things may seem tough and impossible, I can do it, #Yes we Can!

Being hopeful can be a healthy lifestyle, keeping the positive energy running could help release stress and look forward to great things!

It also helps me work even smarter to achieve my goals, whether set for the year or month, long or short, keeps motivated and excited. 

The company that you keep as well speaks for you. ” show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” Before this quite gave me the jitters and I was very particular of my friends and the groups I hang out with. It did make a lot of sense, and I wondered wow!!!! I probably need a lot of renovations in the friends sector/department. A few were fired and others gained employment-trust- it has been an experience learning and experiencing hope. Teaching myself and mind to take positive and hopeful vibes only, is not a night shift. It’s a Year engagement of shifts and turns of ups and downs, of refreshing and restarting.
I pray and hope yours got off to a great start, wish you the best!!!! Cheers to a new page, a fresh start to experience great faith and hopefulness!!!!

Love Koko 👑 


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